What the Fic

Quick question. Why in the ever-loving fuck are there 3.8k fanfictions written for the Bible? I’m not sure whether or not this constitutes as blasphemy, but it’s so weird that I can’t not talk about it. Most of it is fairly tame stuff but, as always, there’s some Jesus X Various Disciple slash going on. Also, I’m pretty sure I found a bible mary-sue self-insert. Lulz

"In that moment,Obama knew what he had to do.

He had to make love to that hotdog”

Just gonna leave this here.

On the topic of Space Jam fanfiction, there’s one author who wrote two novel-length fics and is working on a third. I haven’t gotten around to reading them yet, but who watches Space Jam and thinks to themselves: “Self, this movie is great and all, but what we need here is three full-length novels on this shit.”

Melissa was star struck; this stranger was an alien. He was tall, has purple skin, a muscular body and wore a navy blue jersey. His name was Bupkus. “Whoa…. I’ve never seen this guy before. He seems very handsome!” Melissa thought to herself. Bupkus was selling his things down on the bleachers and then saw Melissa” - A Little Oneonone (Space Jam Fanfiction)

And here, followers, I leave you with this delightfully awkward paragraph.

Also, this is what Bupkus looks like:

"He seems very handsome!"